About Us

Good Day ! So finaly you're here to know who is PrawnMan so let us tell you "We're Team Prawnman!".

You must have heard a famous quote "A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work". ~ Colin Powell

For us, it's not just about bringing you fresh seafood from Fish Markets. It's about making a real-time connection between our customers and markets. We work hard everyday to make our customers happy and pleased.

Team PrawnMan does not produce, catch or process any seafood, we are not Fishmongers or Fishermen, for these jobs #PrawnMan is not capable and expereienced enough. It needs dedication, sacrifice and lots of efforts which we acknowlege that to be a commercial fisherman is one of the toughest job on the earth ! Its bit hard work to do that for Team PrawnMan,  Although we do fishing but only for fun. 

What we do its all on demand, your order and our service ! Freshly delivered to your doorstep!

You order us and we will grab it from the markets as subject to availability and delivered to your doorstep ! We're your delivery man :) We love what we do!! Thank you Everyone for making this happen !

Your love, respect and support is everything for us !

Thank you for using www.PrawnMan.com.au